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The Treasure chemical was established in 1981 year , as the economy grows and changes , by-owned foreign exchange, import and export of Western medicine raw materials , Enter food coloring , Spices for Beverages , food additives, chemical raw materials to investment food factories , Under clear policy leadership, under the efforts of everyone to continue to grow.
The Treasure chemical is a supplier of food raw materials, to import and export trade, research and development, production, processing, manufacturing, etc. as the main business, in recent years, the diversification of the operation, will be committed to food development and innovation, uphold the creation of the beginner, we would like to provide products can be loved by everyone, for human health and life to make the greatest contribution At present, the scope of business covers Taiwan 's , mainland and Southeast Asian markets, more actively looking towards Europe and the United States and other regions, I would like to Chinese food can be far from the world.


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